Neutrogena is a brand that has catered primarily to women for decades. 1 in 4 women experience physical abuse by a partner in their lifetime. Neutrogena is a natural fit to help.

AD: Jenna Anderson

CW: Karan Raikar


This video will play in movie theaters before the show starts to help give viewers an

accurate but alarming statistic about domestic abuse and how prominent it is.




This one-off print piece seemingly looks like a normal beauty advertisement. Upon pulling the tab open you can read the actual message underneath.


OOH - Women's Restrooms

OOH - Digital Bus Shelter and Subway Station

Product Innovation - Makeup Wipes

These unique makeup wipes will be made with a paint that disappears when the wipe is completely dry. This ensures victim's abusers will not be able to find out that they are seeking help.

Product Innovation - Box